2018 Harvest releases

All of our products are packaged in 100% biodegradable packaging!

97% of our packaging comes from within the United States from companies similarly focused on sustainability. Our boxes are produced using wind energy and use non-toxic vegetable dies and our child resistant tubes are made of hemp plastic and yes, they too are biodegradable! Helping you feel good about getting into a feel good state of mind!


Our full gram single prerolls are rolled from our premium estate grown Grade AAA flower, no trim added ever.


day breaker gelato

50 /50 hybrid

Full creamy aroma and great smokability without putting you out for the count!  With an aim to veer away from the status quo of heavy hitting cannabis our Day Breaker Gelato is intended for the daytime smoker who wants to enjoy the creative and relaxing benefits of smoking cannabis while still being able to multitask.    


Increases Creativity

Promotes Clarity



banana split

sativa dominate

With a stimulating blend of tangie derived citrus and lemony pine notes, this sativa dominate hybrid is sure to perk up your senses and leave you feeling uplifted.  Great for promoting happiness and motivation, with a light euphoria.



Cerebral High




Platinum Cookies

indica dominate

Our Platinum Cookies is the quintessential choice for relaxation and a great strain for unwinding at the end of the day. The earthy forest notes help to slow your mind before the high sends waves of gentle relaxation throughout your body.


Anxiety Reducing

Pain Relief

Full Body Relaxation

Sensually Arousing


Just beautiful flower.

You decide how to enjoy it!

—Coming soon—