estate grown at 4640 ft.

mountain grown

Location. Location. Terroir? 


Perched atop Blake Mountain, in eastern Humboldt, surrounded by Six Rivers National Forest and at the headwaters of the south fork of the Trinity river, sits Lucy Gulch Estate Farm and the inspiration for the Above brand.  Cultivation in this sub alpine environment helps to yield the cleanest cannabis flowers on the market.  The pure mountain air, pristine spring water, lack of mold causing humidity, and uninterrupted sunshine all come together to create this unique growing environment.  The cool nights at this elevation also allow for much of our crop to develop an exquisite purple hue.     


Surviving fire. ice. & Legalization.

Lucy Gulch Estate Farm was purchased in 2014 just as Misha Vandal, our fearless leader, graduated from Humboldt State University with his degree in Microbiology. Acquiring the 160 acres of raw land was the first step in fulfilling a young man’s dream to one day turn it into the unique, sustainable, and productive licensed cannabis farm it is today.

In 2015 Lucy Gulch Estate Farm was devastate by wildfire, leaving only burned out trees and ash in its path. The total devastation of this fire was a huge setback for the young land owner however, undeterred, Misha began setting up his farm from scratch in 2016. That winter California saw one of the wettest winters on record and the farm saw over ten feet of snow literally crushing the industrial building that had been erected. Again undeterred, Misha set forth to deal with the losses at hand and continue to work towards his original goal.

The path to legalization in California has had it’s fair share of bumps in the road. It is an exciting, albeit difficult, time to be in this industry especially as a small family run farm. Cultivating in this area and at this elevation does not come without its obstacles. In the years since the fire and snow the farm has come back strong and the raw beauty of the property, with views of the Trinity Alps, helps to drive Misha’s passion to produce artisan style craft cannabis with a focus on organic farming, environmentally friendly, and sustainable practices.